Initially prioritize the correct areas for security laminate

active shooter targets glass window with security laminate
Example of high quality security laminate for glass

A suggested mindset for your school or church security laminate needs

In this day and age, almost all schools or churches in the United States are susceptible to an outside threat. How to prioritize the right areas when thinking about security laminate for school windows or church windows can be difficult. Most facilities do not take any action and this is problematic. At DRIVEN, we provide you with an affordable and effective security laminate solution. Lets walk through how you can assess your facility for security laminate needs.

Be Active not Reactive

When thinking through security solutions for your institution, its easy to get overwhelmed. But its imperative that management start somewhere. Initially we tell our customers to look at their budget for school security. This can be stunning and often shows the budget wont allow for every security measure needed or desired. This is okay. Realizing the need to add additional security installations in the future is not a less effective path. Any progress regarding enhancing your facilities security shows a strategy and willingness of action rather than reaction. DRIVEN suggests your institution assess three areas first when evaluating security laminate for your facility:

  • All Entrances
  • Administrative areas
  • Cafeterias and long hallways with glass

All Entrances

Entrances are key areas to prioritize ballistic laminate for a variety of reasons. One, entrances are high traffic target areas with a lot of exposure. Second, window glass or door glass near or at entrances not protected with security laminate will shatter straight to the ground when shot with a firearm. With the addition of security laminate, the glass will remain connected when attacked allowing your staff time to secure the facility. The laminate keeps the threat outside preventing the assailant from breaching the exposed window and manually unlocking a door. Finally, all entrances means all entrances. Teacher entrances and student pickups must be secured in an equal fashion to the main entrances of your school. People who want to do your school or church harm will watch movement. Secure all your entrances with laminate.

Administrative Offices

Administrative offices often get overlooked when doing security assessments. Typically on most building designs, key personnel (such as principals or church leaders) are right past the front entrance. Securing their windows and glass on doors allows for a couple of things: Time for the authorities to be called and a greater chance of surviving leadership should an active shooter event occur. A good security laminate on both sides of the glass buys, at minimum, six minutes of time before breach. [Make sure to watch the video at the bottom of this page for a demonstration]

Security laminate for glass windows doors entrances
Securing glass on first floors of schools and churches is a phase 2 step. Secure entrances, admin offices and cafeterias first.

Cafeterias and Long Glass Hallways

Finally cafeterias and long glass hallways, especially in schools, often get overlooked. An active shooter will not shoot what they cannot see. These areas qualify for reflective security laminate on the glass. With this countermeasure installed, people cannot see into the areas but staff and children can still see out.

Planning Your Future Security Laminate Needs

In the long term, additional phase plans can include first and second floor windows. Consider classroom glass on the doors and prioritize the correct area. But rather than getting caught up in future phases, simply start somewhere and focus on key areas mentioned secure. Pro-action and laser focus will pay off in multiple ways. Personnel will feel safer and board leadership will see the payoff from both a liability and employee morale standpoint. With security laminate installed at your school or church, people will be physically safer all the while your facility maintains a clean aesthetic.

Example of security laminate being tested by Nashville law enforcement while school and church officials are on hand for observation

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