The importance of buying yourself time for your entity

At Driven what we do professionally each day is we buy our customers time. Starting a new year brings many personal “time” challenges. Primary among all of them is the question, “How do I effectively balance the time that I have?”. Another question we often ask ourselves is “How do I get more free time each day?”

Professionally though, I run some across so many potential clients that do not take the time to evaluate this one question… how much time can I afford? The answers can be quite expensive.

Costs of time

The costs can come in many forms. Establishments do not typically think about how to secure all their doors from assailants. They do not measure time effectively the way an assailant would. Instead, they focus solely on the front door. Administrators typically leave the glass unprotected as well at these entrances, thus allowing even secured doors to get easily accessed. What establishments end up with, is security spending that lacks true security.

Solutions to consider now

The solution can be readily available. Develop a thoughtful strategy beyond the current security strategy your facility has in place. Examples are questions like 1. If we have an event here, what is the lost time of work? 2. What would potential legal and liability costs be? 3. Do we know of products on the market that we could purchase but have only chosen to do just enough? 4. How much time do we need to execute our current security plan, and do we have the products and training to do it effectively?

The answers to the above could leave your facility in good shape, but more than likely will expose not only hidden costs but severe and real threat areas around your establishments. Therefore gaining extra time in an active shooter emergency is worth every single penny spent, so act now and buy yourself the time your team needs.

Shea Pope

I love Christ, my family, and my job. I am a driven and focused strategic leader passionate about growing businesses with PURPOSE. I have over 16 years in executive management across multiple businesses. I am married for 14 years to my best friend and have four children. I love duck hunting, motorcycles, and anything sports.

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