It is our personal mission to buy you
the time to protect what matters most

Providing Security Solutions for your Business

According to the Violence Policy Center, Alabama has the second highest gunfire death rate in 2016. Worse, some of these shooting incidents happened in churches and schools.

Given the rising number of mass shooting cases, keeping your business interests safe is a top priority. It’s time to put your security plan in place. DRIVEN can help you.

Our company strives to protect our most valuable assets—our children. We offer easy and affordable solutions to secure the exteriors and interiors of your Business. Our cloud-based video surveillance and access control is industry leading.  With our security services and products, your staff can gain more time to focus on what really matters.


Mission Statement

We aim to provide products and services that are in line with our core values:

  • Fill a Major Need for Our Customer
  • Always Go Above and Beyond
  • Be About Quality Rather Than Price

Why Choose Us


We believe that business owners should have easy access to the security they need. At DRIVEN, we offer our devices and services at a fraction of the cost compared to other companies.  We do this by selecting a tight circle of leading companies that offer integrated products.


We recognize that clients have a variety of needs and preferences. Because of this, our safety products and cloud-based solutions are created to have endless customizable options.  Mobile phone use along with PC access means you are never away from ensuring your Business is secure.


For general convenience, our cloud-based products can be scheduled to automatically lock and unlock doors, see video or notify authorities. You can work in place while opening doors remotely. Having automated door locks also decreases the chances of possible break-ins.  Motion alerts via visual verification allow for authorities to see the threat before arriving.


In order to meet the demands of our clients, we make sure to provide flexible solutions for them. We can install our cloud-based security products in as few or many places needed.  Our automation scales with your needs.


Secure Your Business Today

We can never be certain about where or when the next crime or shooting would be, but we can protect ourselves and our children through effective security measures. Contact us today get started, so we can help you have the time you need to protect what matters.